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What is an employee value proposition (EVP)?

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is best thought of as the most compelling thing(s) that an employer can highlight to an employee or prospective employee that will attract and retain them. The best businesses with celebrated EVPs back them up with concrete actions.

A value proposition to an employee works in the same way as a value proposition to a customer. It is:

  • Based on an understanding of what characterises a most valuable employee i.e., the people you most want to attract and retain
  • Focused on what matters most to those employees i.e., what they value from you
  • Aspirational and emotive as well as rooted in the reality of what you do
  • Articulated simply and engagingly in language employees understand and remember

Our approach to developing an EVP helps you identify what it is that unites both your internal and external audiences and aligns with the commercial objectives of your business.

How we help

  • Identify your ideal employee –an approach centred on defining the values, attitudes and behaviours you want and the aspirations and experience they are seeking
  • Link to brand proposition – ensure that there is a clear link both in the meaning and the language of the EVP to your brand.
  • Focus ruthlessly on the fewest things – keep the proposition focused on the offer which is most distinctive to you and appealing to them. We don’t try to tick every box that an employee would expect from any business.
  • Ensure it’s rooted in reality – testing the proposition against what employees say most matters to them and against what the business will actually deliver for them.
  • Engage emotionally – language alone is important but not enough. The EVP needs to be communicated in the same way you’d communicate your value proposition to a customer. It’s as much about the heart as the head.

Video: How to attract the right people

Watch out for...

Don’t make it about pay and rations

Promising great salaries, bonuses and benefits is the equivalent to offering customers better prices. It’s obvious, replicable, expected and creates bad behaviour. If you imply that the thing that should matter most to your employees is their pay and conditions you are creating a workforce who will constantly judge their worth in wages and nothing else. That creates a workforce that will be ready to leave as soon as a better pay offer comes along. And then you’ll moan about how disloyal employees are…ignoring the fact that that’s how you’ve encouraged them to be.

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