Employee Engagement

Identify what unites your internal and external audiences and align it with the commercial objectives of your business.

How we help

  • Measure how engaged your people are – our CEM+ Employee Survey gives you quantified insight into how well engaged your people are already and helps you identify where more needs to be done to create an experience which will engage them. This enables you to focus time and resource on what matters most to them.
  • A compelling expression of your brand purpose – employees won’t respond to corporate gobbledygook. If you have defined your purpose, we’ll help you articulate in a way that people understand and find inspiring. If you have not defined your purpose and values, we’ll help you do that.
  • Senior leadership commitment – leadership is critical to engagement at all levels. Our Leaderspeed Summits are designed to quickly align all levels of leaders with the brand and to ensure they are committed and equipped to engage their colleagues.
  • Communication and training toolkits – we ensure that everyone has the tools and training needed to engage their teams in a way that is both relevant and effective. Our approach of Branded Experience Training in particular gets great results.
  • Measure progress, communicate success – our CEM+ Employee Survey provides both a benchmark and then a regular monitor of how the levels of engagement are progressing in a business. It helps to understand where the areas of greatest progress are being made which should be celebrated and where the ‘lagging’ areas are that require greater focus in future.

“Caffeine helped us articulate our purpose and successfully engage our leadership group and the wider business with it. The outcomes from our Leaderspeed sessions exceeded my expectations and our people are genuinely excited by the brand. Caffeine are fun to work with, and have great complementary skills across their team.”


What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the continuous activity that ensures your people genuinely feel a valued part of your business. It means ensuring your people not only understand what your brand’s purpose and vision is but also believe in it and will commit to helping deliver it. It involves three main actions:

  • Inform people about what your purpose is
  • Inspire them to want to help you deliver it
  • Integrate it into their daily work

Our approach to employee engagement helps you identify what it is that unites both your internal and external audiences and aligns with the commercial objectives of your business.

Video: How to retain the right people and remove the wrong people

Watch out for...

Lip Service Leadership

If you want employees to believe something, leaders have to show they believe it too. A town hall meeting with a PowerPoint presentation or a CEO speech full of platitudes won’t cut it. All employee eyes will be on their leaders’ words and actions. The moment they see or hear anything that shows any lack of belief or commitment to the renewed sense of purpose, they will also go back to doing what they used to do.

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