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We know how businesses grow.

Businesses grow when they deliver exceptional value to both customers and employees.

Customers and employees are disproportionately attracted to businesses with a strong sense of purpose.

Purpose-driven businesses do three things differently:

Stand Up

through a purpose and brand-led business strategy

Purpose-led businesses gain:

0 %
more profit*
Stand Out
from the competition through a distinctive customer experience

Distinctive experiences create:

0 x
more customer loyalty*
Stand Firm
by creating a culture that creates and fosters engaged employees

Purpose-led businesses realise:

0 %
more employee productivity*

*Sources: Gallup 2020, Kantar/BrandZ 2020

Caffeine and Smith+Co provide an unrivalled combination of expertise to: create and operationalise purpose; create meaningful experiences for employees and customers; deliver measurable returns.


We define your purpose, translate it into a business strategy and, together with our partners Smith+Co, make it meaningful for your customers and employees, and deliver measurable returns.

We focus on three core areas:

Brand-led Business Strategy

A growth strategy that inspires customers and employees


A distinctive customer experience that sets you apart


A culture that enables and empowers employees
Spider web, your purpose in business

How fit for purpose is your business?

Compare your brand to the world’s most purposeful businesses.

On Purpose the book

Written by Caffeine and Smith+Co founders Andy Milligan and Shaun Smith, and taking examples from the world’s most loved brands, On Purpose sets out how to define your organisation’s purpose and deliver it to your customers and employees.

A must-read for anyone looking to harness the power of their brand to unlock growth.

On Purpose Book Mock Up, business book

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Getting the measurement right

As customer experience consultants it is great to see leading companies, SMEs and start-ups making CX a non-negotiable foundation of their business operations. The next-step however, isn’t often thought-through – measurement. If you, as a brand leadership team, haven’t yet created a way to measure the impact of your customer experience initiative, ensuring that the outcome is positive and that the experience can be sustained… then it’s time to clear your diary.
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Being The Brand

When the strain upon the operations of a company is too much for the system itself, what hope is there for a brand to inspire or maintain customer loyalty? The last line of defence for the brand, when the systems fail, is the relationship between the staff and the customer. When ‘push comes to shove’ your people are your brand.
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