Stand out from the competition through a distinctive end to end customer experience

Smith+Co, a Caffeine partner, offers specialist expertise around customer experience.

We help you create a customer experience that is consistent, differentiated, builds loyalty and turns customers into advocates.

We work with people who manage brands, both large and small, across a range of sectors, worldwide. 

And we’ve specialised for long enough to know what works – and what doesn’t.


We gain clarity on customer expectations and whether they are being met, and identify the drivers of customer loyalty.

Customer journey mapping

We map the end-to-end customer journey through consideration, purchase, usage and post-experience. We map the points of tension and delight into a framework to underpin the strategy.

Customer experience strategy

We run a creative process to identify the pain points and opportunities as well as the distinctive hallmark touchpoints to differentiate your brand.

Customer experience design

We design an experience to meet the strategy, driving both loyalty and advocacy. We focus on minimising any pain points and bringing your brand hallmarks to life.

Customer experience measurement

Using our proprietary measurement tools, we record the customer experience pre- and post-intervention to quantify the impact, as well as periodical surveys to track progress.

Branded customer experience training

We develop the manuals, assets and workshop programmes to train your team from management through to juniors.

“Smith+Co helped us turn high-level brand strategy into specific elements of a new branded customer experience that could be delivered in complex operational situations. Their ability to draw on a broad range of perspectives from within and outside our sector helped us raise the bar on what to deliver and consider new ways to make it happen.”



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