Customer Journey Mapping

Visualise the customer experience from their perspective.

How we help

  • Mapping the major touchpoints of the customer journey from beginning to end – encouraging you to think beyond the accepted beginning and past the perceived end for points of differentiation that your competitors may have missed.
  • Assessing the virtual touchpoints – including social media and digital, as well as the physical touchpoints.
  • Identifying pain or stress points – the inefficiencies, redundancies or inconsistencies in how customers experience your brand, as well as the opportunities to streamline and improve.
  • Looking for the ‘cracks’ or hand-offs between existing touch-points – e.g. the interval between making a purchase on-line and the actual delivery of the goods.
  • Keeping your brand promise in mind – considering how well you deliver it at each point in the touchline.
  • Focusing your effort on a few hallmarks – identifying where you choose to differentiate and making sure this matches your target customer’s top expectations too.

“The team created an end-to-end view of our most valuable customers’ experience across their life-cycle using our NPS data. Due to their insights and leadership we not only created an experience which had shared ownership, which drove changes to consistently deliver basics, but was on brand, differentiated and focused our resources and finances to only over-deliver at the key points which made the biggest difference to our customers and our business success.”


What is customer journey mapping?

Until you’ve experienced the actual ‘journey’ your customer takes, you can’t begin to empathise with what they go through. Customer journey mapping helps your team to visualise the experience from the customer’s perspective (not the organisation’s) and highlights the touchpoints where the opportunity for differentiation is greatest.

Customer journey mapping can be a complex process with touchpoints across multiple channels, so prioritising the key interactions and the expectations of the most valuable customer groups is essential.

Creating value for customers

The customer journey mapping technique is a valuable tool in many stages of the customer experience initiative, beginning with customer insight where it provides a framework for understanding your “as is” customer experience.

Later in the process your customer journey map provides structure as you draft your brand promise and “to be” customer experience, and again as you begin to design and detail the hallmark moments for building customer loyalty and advocacy.

Video: Using customer journey maps

Watch out for...

Touchpoint overload…

Work with no more than eight to twelve major touch-points. If you have a lot more than this you are probably mapping your organisational processes rather than the customer experience.

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