Defining Your Brand Purpose

Articulate why your brand exists and what it is here to do.

“Caffeine delivered thought-provoking and engaging content around Purpose which really felt relevant to the messages we are trying to deliver – our teams came away feeling inspired and ready to apply these insights to their roles which is exactly what we wanted.”


What is a brand purpose

Your brand purpose is an articulation of what your brand is here to do. It is the answer to the question ‘why does your brand exist?’ Great brand purposes should encourage your customers to buy from you, and your employees to do great work for you.

Most brands agonise about their purpose. Why do they exist? What should they stand for? What should they aspire to? The result is often either a lofty purpose statement, full of good intent – but totally divorced from the experience the brand ever delivers to its customers – or something so tactical it fails to inspire its people.

Our approach helps you identify what it is that unites both your internal and external audiences and aligns with the commercial objectives of your business.

How we help

  • An insight-in, inside-out approach – our 4Cs analysis model matches the best of a company’s culture to the future opportunity for consumer or customer growth.
  • Clear governance – establishing commitment at the most senior level to ensure purpose is hard-wired into leadership thinking
  • Define a purpose – one rooted in relevance, focussing on ‘What matters most?’ to define a purpose that transforms positively the customer’s experience and the world in which they live.
  • Ruthless focus on the key strategic priorities – those which drive the greatest return for both customer and company in line with the purpose. Doing the things that matter most to the customer and excelling at those, rather than trying to be good at everything.
  • Engage everyone emotionally – everyone inside the organisation feels a pride and a sense of common purpose, and feels empowered to act in accordance with it, making daily decisions based on it.
  • Track success – measure understanding, engagement and impact and link these to the most important business metrics.

Video: What purposeful brands do

Watch out for...

Losing focus on the purpose of your purpose

As millennia of philosophers will attest, when dealing with existential questions like ‘why are we here?’, it’s all too easy to turn it into a navel-gazing exercise. Avoid falling down the ‘rabbit hole’ of introspection by keeping the search for your purpose closely aligned to the overlap between customers, employees and commercial objectives.

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  • Customer Experience ·

Getting the measurement right

As customer experience consultants it is great to see leading companies, SMEs and start-ups making CX a non-negotiable foundation of their business operations. The next-step however, isn’t often thought-through – measurement. If you, as a brand leadership team, haven’t yet created a way to measure the impact of your customer experience initiative, ensuring that the outcome is positive and that the experience can be sustained… then it’s time to clear your diary.
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  • Leadership ·

Do you deserve to be followed?

“Why should anyone be led by you?” was the chilling headline of a McKinsey award-winning Harvard Business Review article (subsequently becoming a book) in 2000. Fast forward two decades and perhaps that headline should now be, “Why should anyone keep being led by you?”
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  • Brands ·

Being The Brand

When the strain upon the operations of a company is too much for the system itself, what hope is there for a brand to inspire or maintain customer loyalty? The last line of defence for the brand, when the systems fail, is the relationship between the staff and the customer. When ‘push comes to shove’ your people are your brand.
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