Brand Strategy & Architecture

A unique DNA for your brand including purpose, positioning and proposition.

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What is brand strategy & architecture?

Whether you’re a product business, a service business, or one which delivers experiences, your brand is the interface between your business and your customers. In its most basic form, it can be simply a name or logo that helps your customers quickly identify you in a crowded marketplace.

But your brand should do much more than be a signpost. It should also give your potential customers a reason to choose you, differentiate you from your competitors, and inspire your employees to deliver great products, services and experiences to your customers.

We define a unique DNA for your brand(s) by:

And where you own more than one brand e.g., in a brand portfolio or you have a master/product brand relationship, we define a strategy for each brand and an architecture that defines the relationship between them and how they interact with each other.

How we help

  1. 4Cs framework – we initiate our proprietary 4Cs audit and commence preliminary research into Customer, Competition, Company and Context.
  • Develop a series of brand DNA models – built from the territories identified in the previous phase, each model outlines a potential, Purpose, Positioning and Proposition for the brand.
  • Exploration of each model – a workshop to work through the strengths and weaknesses of the different models as well as the considerations and implications
    of each.
  • Refinement of preferred DNA model – we build, strengthen and codify the preferred expression.
  • Developing the architecture – where relevant, we explore the optimum architecture for your group of brands. Our approach is predicated on keeping things as simple as possible, either because they play a strong role in driving demand, or because they serve a greater strategic purpose for the whole group.

Our models and frameworks

Our 4Cs audit model
Our Brand DNA Model
Purpose Drivers Model

Watch out for...


Whether defining your positioning or constructing your brand architecture, simplicity is your friend. The easier it is for your customers to identify, understand and distinguish your brand in a cluttered marketplace, the better. And the easier you make it for your employees to understand, the better chance they have of creating cut-through. So, whether you are using a brand key, brand pizza, brand wheel or brand pyramid, be as ruthless as you can to make it as simple and as intuitive as possible.

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Brand-led Business Strategy

A growth strategy that inspires customers and employees


A distinctive customer experience that sets you apart


A culture that enables and empowers employees

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