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Market your brand to your internal audiences, partners and affiliates.

“Caffeine have a great ability to understand our business, our culture and our current need to create just the right solution each and every time we work with them. Their creativity and design flair combine to create simple, yet effective designs and products for us which complement our programmes and offering, with a professional and exciting brand image


What Is Internal Branding?

Internal branding is the continuous marketing of your brand to your internal audiences at all levels. This can also include your supply chain or key partners who are critical to deliver your purpose and branded customer experience.

Internal branding is another phrase for internal marketing but focuses on your unique brand promise, values, personality and the brand identity that informs and unites all activities. It adopts the same rules of great campaigning you’d use to market for customers:

  • Segment your audiences internally so you can craft the right message to each group
  • Create a message matrix that defines what you want people to feel, think and do
  • Create highly impactful and engaging content that grabs attention
  • Deliver consistently with a unifying look and feel over time
  • Measure its impact and update accordingly

Our approach to internal branding connects your internal audiences with your customer promises and your brand values and aligns with the commercial objectives of your business.

How we help

  • Create the compelling story that will inspire your audiences – the secret of great communications is the ability to tell a compelling story. Storytelling is how we best learn and also how we best pass on to others what we have learnt. Great storytelling is the starting point for all internal branding.
  • Develop a comprehensive communications plan – the same story needs to be shaped and told in different ways to different people. We help you identify the key messages, channels, content that will be most effective for all internal audience segments.
  • Create consistent highly visible branded content – just like external marketing you need to wrap your messages in a consistent and eye-catching visual identity that unifies every touchpoint, channel and audience segment. Derived from your brand identity but flexible enough to have its own distinct flavour for internal consumption only.
  • Roll out, measure and adapt – we work closely with our clients as they roll out their internal campaigns to ensure that they are implemented successfully. This includes setting clear measures for success and using the results to adapt campaigns so they remain fresh and relevant.

Video: How to empower employees to focus on customers

Watch out for...

Propaganda posters

Internal communications is vital in any business but like any form of communication it has to be meaningful, credible, relevant and engaging. And it has to be delivered in a way that is going to get your audience’s attention and invite a response. Too many internal communications are poor propaganda – empty statements of intent with boring imagery that are pasted up as posters on the wall and generally get ignored until it’s time to take them down and replace them with another set of indifferent and unremarkable posters. Think of your employees like your customers. You wouldn’t waste money on adverts that don’t catch the customer’s eye, and you shouldn’t do that for your employees either.

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