Brand Creation & Development

Your strategy distilled expertly into a distinctive, consistent and comprehensive brand identity.

“Caffeine provided an excellent service rebranding our organisation. They led on the new name generation, the logo and overall design, which we then applied to our new website and communications. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re very grateful for their wonderful support. We couldn’t have done this without them!”


What is brand creation and development?

With the amount of noise and competition present in most industries today, you’ll be lucky if the vast majority of people even notice your brand in the first place. If you are looking for them to recall it, remember the name, and attach any kind of meaning to it, your creative execution will need to be exceptional.

The visual execution of your brand is a central part of communicating who you are, what you stand for and how you do business. A great visual identity is your strategy distilled expertly into a graphic and a name. It should be easily recognised, memorable and convey the values and meaning of your organization. No easy feat!

By involving key stakeholders in our unique espresso-style ‘hands on’ creative development process, we can accelerate progress and decision making to get you to a distinctive and effective brand identity at pace.

How we can help

  • Assessment of your existing brand identity – assessing key applications and the extent to which they reflect your intent; how fit for purpose is your identity and is it conveying the right image and story?
  • Iterative creative canvas sessions – our unique espresso-style creative development process. A series of sessions with key stakeholders in which we look together at a range of design routes and agree which best expresses your desired brand image.
  • Design exploration – a period of more detailed design development, narrowing the range of creative concepts, specifically considering marques (logos) typefaces, imagery and verbal expression. If you’re creating a new brand, each route will be designed to work alongside a shortlist of preferred names.
  • Refinement of preferred concept – refining and bringing to life the brand across all of your key touchpoints.
  • Codification and guideline development – codifying the finalised concept and bringing together the key applications (for example, a poster, a print ad, a brochure, a web page, an exhibition stand) in an engaging and interactive format.
  • Portfolio development – the same approach can also be applied to a portfolio of brands, looking at how each can be developed or sharpened, harmonising your family of brands so that each is clearly appreciated and understood.

A creative canvass session

Once a preferred route is chosen and the name agreed, we create a finalised design system and set of guidelines, including a definitive expression of your group architecture.

Watch out for...

Design by commitee

The average person sees more than 5,000 adverts a day. This means that for your brand to cut through it needs to be memorable and distinctive. This also means that everyone has an opinion on how you look. Too often brands try to appeal to everyone and involve too many internal stakeholders in the development of their brand, as a result creativity suffers! We recommend that team sizes be kept to a minimum and that those involved are empowered to make the key decisions. That way creative ideas have the space to surface and grow and this increases the potential for them to achieve cut through with customers.

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