On Purpose Interactive Assessment Tool

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Welcome to the On Purpose Interactive Assessment Tool.

You can use this tool to measure how purposeful your business is. It’s also a chance to find out how your brand compares to the brands featured in On Purpose the book.

How do you measure up against those principles and practices that make the difference between the brands that simply TALK about their purpose, and those that actually ACT on purpose? And what are the tools you can use to help you?

The assessment is available to download below. But before you do that, start by taking a quick look at the eight questions below. Think carefully about your brand and your organisation as you go through them:

  1. Are you purpose driven?
  2. How purposeful is your leadership?
  3. How infectious is your communication?
  4. Is your customer experience distinctive enough?
  5. Do you continuously innovate?
  6. How strong is your culture?
  7. Is your employee experience as distinctive as your customer experience?
  8. Do you place as much emphasis on measuring the experience as you do on measuring results?

The eight questions listed above are important because they are the very factors we identified as being common to all purpose-led brands. Each of the eight dimensions is supported by five attributes that describe what purposeful brands actually DO. These were derived from the analysis of the many interviews we conducted for this book, as well as our last book BOLD – How to be brave in business and win (and many of the practices are illustrated throughout the various chapters).

As a further check, we asked some of the brands featured in the book (as well as executives from random brands) to complete the survey. We show the results, along with the comparison profile, at the end of the assessment.

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