At the end of the programme we aim to create a cadre of evangelists – an uncompromisingly focused core talent pool that “get” what it takes to win business having learned the principles and practices of successful pitching & salesmanship.

We Help You

1. Build momentum into the preparation of prospect client pitches and organisation of effort around prospecting and pitching so it is wholly professionalised
2. Build an ‘esprit des corps’ to create positive team dynamics so your team is effective, coherent, consistent and buyable
3. Get to know the client, their company culture and their market at speed
4. Work the room – get clients to relax, open up and engage
5. Deliver a consistently first class experience for the prospect at every stage of the process from initial contact to chemistry meeting through interim meetings, final presentation and beyond
6. Focus on what’s important in order to move you closer to the win; discard everything else that doesn’t
7. Read between the lines to discover what clients say and what they really mean
8. Put on a world class performance at the presentation
9. Cultivate ‘healthy paranoia’ – anticipating what might go wrong and recognising that in a pitch, you are always ‘ON’
10. Understand what it really means to say “we want to win” and the behaviour required to deliver victory

The Caffeine Approach

Caffeine has a view about what it takes to win new business. It is centred on the notion that there are certain behaviours which tip the playing field massively in your favour – and many behaviours which mitigate against victory. The programme provides the forum in which to identify these positive and negative behaviours, see how they affect the outcome, practice and enshrine the good ones in a code of uncompromising standards that are always adhered to when pitching. At the end of the workshop each participant will understand:

  • How they come across at first impression and what impact they make
  • How they can enhance their impact and ‘status’ by being ‘ON
  • What strengths and weaknesses they have when presenting – and what needs to be done to enhance or check their performance
  • What behavioural style they are and how they need to flex what they say and do to build rapid rapport with others not like them
  • How to pitch with purpose – to be clear on what they want the audience to do as a result of their presentation, and ensure that every aspect of the pitch process is geared to getting that result
  • How to ask for the business in a way that will be well received

We believe that people learn best when they are having fun, are engaged but, crucially, are also under pressure – business development is, after all, a competitive activity. So there is an element of competition. People need to catch themselves making mistakes and have a metaphorical mirror held up to them in order to shake them out of the belief that they are doing everything right, or that they already know all this. We help the participants feel for themselves how standard practice just doesn’t deliver. We also get them to walk in the client’s shoes – to see pitching from the client’s point of view so they understand that what we on the consultant side think is important or impressive, isn’t necessarily what clients think.

As one of our clients said, Caffeine’s Pitchcraft course is, “Fun, competitive and instructive – exactly what we needed”

“I found it to be the best and most valuable course that I have been on and took a great deal away from it. I think that the enthusiasm and ‘buy-in’ from the group generally was the greatest that I have seen and indicative to what we all got out of it.” Director, Corporate Real Estate

“The ROI of Caffeine doesn’t need a calculator. The impact is immediate. I brought Caffeine to lead a new business training programme for 50 of my agency managing directors and leaders. In the three months since, we’ve won three major new clients and are in the running for three more.” Managing Director, Advertising

“We have won significant deals on the back of this work and are looking to roll it rapidly across the whole area of fixed income” Director, Corporate & Investment Banking

“A fantastic session. Hugely valuable & insightful. I have been on many business courses & this was world class.” Executive Head, Digital and Direct Marketing

Who We Are

David Kean is acknowledged as one of the world’s most authoritative business development practitioners. He specialises in helping clients win new business and more business from existing customers. He is the author of the international best seller Pitchcraft – the art of winning business pitches and the co-author of How to win friends and influence profit – how to cross sell.

Louisa Clarke is a certified Business Coach and experienced facilitator with over 20 years of communications, business and brand expertise. She has run Pitchcraft & Organic Growth workshops for clients such as CBRE, Geometry Global, BNP Paribas and Ogilvy.

Deborah Appleby is a member of the International Coaching Federation, has over 20 years experience leading groups and individuals in a range of development areas such as Presentation Skills, Influence and Impact, Relationship Building, Assertiveness, Gravitas and Authority, Public Speaking, Pitch Rehearsal, Media training, Leadership, Voice and Personal Leadership.

Simon Bailey – formerly European CEO, Interbrand is a leading international brand and business consultant with two decades of proven experience and expertise. He advises senior management teams – including CEOs and their boards – on developing and managing clients, strategies for developing and exploiting brands and business growth.

If you want to win more pitches for more clients and beat your competitors more often, please contact us:

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