The Art of Salesmanship

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Salesmanship is an art form and when it is done brilliantly, is a pleasure to experience.

Depending on where you come from, you will have a different perspective on what the discipline of selling is all about. It is the bedrock of all business for some, whereas for others, selling is a dirty word! It is something people shy away from. Many Europeans find the idea of being described as salespeople really rather uncomfortable. But in America, selling is a cultural thing and it is part of the fabric of the society.

I’d like to take you through a process which I hope disabuses some of the myths that surround selling – some of the things that people find negative or find difficult. What I am not talking about is flogging stuff to people, regardless of how they feel about it, who don’t want it or don’t need it. That’s the kind of cynical selling that we don’t really want to have any part of. What I mean by selling is the ability to structure a meeting, a conversation or a dialogue with somebody in a way that gets the best for them and the best for you.

So, this is not cynical – it’s just helping people. Salesmanship is the art of helping – helping customers and clients in a structured way to make the best choice for them.

I will show you how people buy, how your expertise has a value to them, how to structure a proper sales conversation, how to ask questions and listen for answers, how to ask for the business and answer objections calmly and when to sell.

It will coach you through the most essential skill in business so that it becomes natural rather than forced, nuanced rather than obvious. So that you hold a conversation not an awkward monologue.

This is one of the areas where Caffeine advises professional services companies (marketing, advertising, legal, financial, property) on how to win more business, quicker and more consistently. Have a coffee or a chat with us to find out more about how we can help. Fast.

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