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There are some things in life where it’s good to take things slowly.  Seduction and casseroles spring to mind. However, most other things benefit from being done faster, from finding shortcuts, from being energised so they are completed quicker and more easily. Nowhere is that more true than business.

Being a leader in the business world today is like being a football manager. You’ve got to get results fast or you’re gone.

The context has been changed by shimmering unicorn start-ups and vertiginous tech successes (Facebook building from 1m users in 2004 to 608m six years later) as well as a much faster paced competitive world (where Nokia’s mobile dominance is totally eclipsed by the iPhone within a tiny amount of time, where in service providers EE is the new 02 is the new Orange). It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. Madness takes its toll…

I’m an acceleration addict. Like most of our clients, I am shamefully, relentlessly impatient. I know what I want our business to achieve and I don’t want to wait calmly and cautiously for things to happen.

Here are three of my recent discoveries which feed the need for speed in me.

     1.  Tendr.

I love a good pun. Almost as much as I love a bit of an interesting timesaver. Tendr has been launched by a friend of ours. It is speed matchmaking for investors and those who want to invest. I have visions of my VC and angel investor friends whiling away the Surrey commute by swiping away on this.

Read more about this innovation here.

      2.  Slack.

‘I would like more emails.’ Said no one ever.

slack-logoSlack is utterly brilliant. The Caffeine team are always working in all sorts of odd and exciting places. Slack helps us feel like a team, helps the tidy ones achieve closer to inbox zero and speeds up our interaction. It’s our watercooler, our team noticeboard, our inspiration scrapboard. It’s got a neat freemium model, is much more intuitive and friendly than Yammer, it integrates neatly with all the other tools we use.

It’s the darling of Silicon Valley and it’s easy to see why. Something that accelerates our business while supporting the team. Smart. Speedy.


     3.  Pecha-Kucha.

A clever Japanese initiative, pecha kucha means ‘chatter’. It’s a speedy presentation of ideas. There are Pecha-Kucha nights held in Japan where ideas and innovations are delivered in an innovative and interesting way.  20 slides presented at 20 seconds each (total 6 mins 4 seconds). Want to make impact in a meeting? Want to really focus on what your message is? Say what you have to say and shut up.  Here’s a great profile of it by a great speaker -worth a watch.

Sometimes the act of forcing yourself to be speedy leads to cutting to the chase and keeping everyone energised. So if you’re a senior leader bored by miles and miles of ‘decks’, innovate and get the team Pecha-Kucha’ing.

All these innovations help with the human and business need to connect. Just quicker. Smarter.  More of that please. Leaving me more time to enjoy those casseroles…

Like these ideas? Let us know on Twitter – or share with us your timesaving savvy speed tips!


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