How not to come second – the art of winning business pitches

Persuading people of our point of view and getting them to back our judgement with their money is what makes the world go around. And the sharpest end of the persuasion business is the pitch: that intense and brief period when you get to make your case to the potential client. But how do you make the most of that opportunity?

Winning new clients is the most competitive activity in business today. Virtually all companies now find themselves having to pitch for work and business. And like any competitive activity – sport, war, politics – there can only be one winner. There are no prizes for coming second. Victory goes to the player who is best prepared, best equipped and best organised.

“…but I’m afraid this time you’ve come a very close second.”

It’s not ok to come second and there’s no place for that if you’re serious about winning new clients.

To find out what prospective clients are looking for at a pitch; what pitching companies usually give them and why they come second (or worse!); and the seven secrets of successful pitching take a listen to my interview with Chris Cooper on Voice America.

By implementing this simple advice and methods, your company’s pitch process will become professional and your success rate will improve beyond recognition.

“Pitching is a good thing to be good at because it drives business and creates opportunity.”

This is one of the areas where Caffeine advises professional services companies (marketing, advertising, legal, financial, property) on how to win more clients, quicker and more consistently.

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