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You’ll find the Caffeine team in a good mood this week.

The reason? We love getting results. We are driven by seeing the impact of what we do, helping ‘impatient leaders’ grow their business fast. And we love being recognised for that. So when The Caffeine Partnership  won ‘BEST GROWTH CONSULTANCY 2015‘ at the Agency Awards last week, we were absolutely delighted.

This award is in recognition of the topline impact we have had on our clients’ growth.

Put simply, we won because we’ve helped our clients win.

Since we opened our doors, we have helped clients from all sectors win over £350M of direct new business, have helped a client become the leading Asian brand in sales in its European markets and have transformed a regional agency team’s losing streak so that it won seven consecutive pitches following our work with them.

Along the way, we’ve also thoroughly enjoyed doing it. We choose to work with people we see have a sense of purpose, a sense of perspective and usually a sense of humour.

We have worked with some fantastically brave and brilliant leaders to help them accelerate their vision. Business growth comes from leaders with courage, with vision and with the relentless determination to make things happen. In our work we’ve seen three critical elements behind leaders achieving growth for their business.

a) A CLEAR, CONSISTENT, COMPELLING PURPOSE FOR THE BUSINESS. If you can’t articulate the benefit of why your business exists, then how can your employees communicate that to your customers? Belief in a business purpose is a powerful growth engine. Get your company and brand proposition sharpened so it is both motivating and memorable and what you do and say will be more consistent and more effective. It’s simple but it’s very hard to do.

b) AN UNRELENTING FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER. It’s far too easy to try and appeal to everyone. And it’s far too easy for an organisation to rush around being busy and become very distant from their customer. The best organisations put customer understanding  and insight at the very core of what they do.  This is challenging and requires real commitment from the business leader.

c) BEING PREPARED TO MAKE TOUGH DECISIONS. If you are driving a business, it’s often about what you choose not to do (as we talked about in The Less Lesson). It’s brutal making decisions and sometimes you need a fresh, honest, helpful perspective. We’ve been described by clients as ‘vicious friends’ – we are able and prepared to challenge thinking and question decision-making constructively to help them  work through the logic of choices – whether it be advising a professional services company to resign a client or reducing the non-performing product range for a retail client, or whether it’s about the bold leap needed to innovate new products.

The status quo is easy; transformation and growth needs fast, smart thinking but it also needs action. As Winston Churchill so wryly put it ‘However beautiful the strategy, we must occasionally look at the results’. Our award is a reflection of the results we have helped our clients achieve.

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