Taking an active role within your team
on a live mandate/engagement brief

Caffeine is a global practitioner and acknowledged leader in the field of pitching. We don’t just teach how to pitch – we work as ‘Pitch Doctor’ alongside many of our clients on their biggest and most important live briefs. We have an unrivalled track record in delivering victory in the biggest and most significant pitches within advisory services.

To provide an unfair competitive advantage in pitches

As ‘Pitch Doctor’, we ensure:

Discipline, dedication and focus that delivers ultimate victory is adhered to at every stage of the pitch process. Only certain behaviours consistently applied deliver a win most often.

An objective perspective from outside the organisation to represent the client view as the pitch develops so the process and final presentation is relevant to and in the language of the client and what is important to them.

Strict focus on taking all the actions that we know lead to victory and not permitting the team not to take these actions. There are eight golden rules for winning pitches.

Consultation on client engagement strategy, presentation content and presentation and on follow up post pitch. We act as editors-in-chief on the content to make it sharp, pithy, crystal clear; and we coach the presenters so they are compelling, fluent and engaging, both individually and as a cohesive team.

Client comments throughout the pitch process are interpreted to ensure no nuance is missed or ignored.

Feedback to presenters at every level of seniority is delivered with radical candour.

Our modus operandi is to help pitch teams diagnose the winning approach to specific pitches, help them get ‘under the skin’ of the client organisation and team faster and more effectively than their competitors, accelerate the process of developing the answer to the client’s brief and impose discipline and rigour into the pitch process in order to increase the chances of winning.


1. Pre pitch preliminary meeting
2. Initial leader & team meetings (within 24 hours of receiving the brief)
3. First interim meeting
4. Second interim meeting
5. Rehearsals – three full rehearsals before the pitch
6. Follow up – immediate post pitch with team
7. Caffeine led debrief – internal & external

This process works. It is worth investing in for major pitches with either significant revenue opportunity or for landmark clients. The programme has been applied in accountancy, advertising, consulting, banking, media, publishing and asset management and has been credited with winning some of the biggest pitches in those sectors either nationally or globally in recent years.


To discuss how Caffeine can help you gain an advantage, please contact:
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