High-Performance Coaching.
Not for slow coaches.

Caffeine coaches are a special bunch. With years of extensive business experience at senior levels across international markets and diverse sectors, we understand the pressure of leadership and the need to deliver at pace. We take a human-centred approach to business that helps leaders challenge themselves, grow their people and deliver with purpose and principles.

We help you lead at speed

In a ‘Superfast’ world the pressures of leadership continue to increase. We help you to pause (quickly), reflect and reboot so you can speed-up sustainable growth.

We are stimulating and challenging

Caffeine are unashamedly relentless learners, continually building our knowledge bank from the business world with an invaluable base of tools, insights and ammunition to stimulate your decision-making. You will experience constructive candour from us – we build open and direct relationships with you to allow you to feel challenged when necessary and supported where you need it.

We’ll get results for you

Caffeine coaches work with rigour to make sure you achieve your goals and with vigour to make sure every session is energising. Time with us will accelerate what you need to do.

And we are, of course, personal and discreet so that you know that while your career will go further, what you say to us won’t.








To find out more about coaching from Caffeine, please contact: +44 (0)20 3322 1342


Louisa Clarke has over 22 years communications, business and brand experience working with high performing teams for some of the world’s best companies including P&G, BNP Paribas, CBRE, and Nissan.

Louisa has a business coach qualification from Henley Business School and specializes in improving the performance of senior leaders both in terms of their own development and how they motivate and lead their teams.

Louisa spearheads Caffeine’s business transformation division in the areas of: prospecting, pitching and organic growth as well as brand positioning, presentation, negotiation, client management, leadership and employee engagement.

As a former Great Britain junior international rower and current veteran rower, she brings a competitive track record to motivate people under pressure and understands the power of teamwork and what’s required to win.

Sophie is Caffeine’s CEO and works with clients at the most senior level. She has special expertise in technology and retail having successfully sold her digital retail business in 2014 and led a luxury retail business as MD.

Her coaching style is energetic and fast paced – she works at tremendous speed (as you’d expect from the author of Superfast: how to lead at speed which will be published in 2017).

Sophie is very rigorous and brings sharp thinking, intellectual challenge and candour to her coaching clients.

She draws on over two decades of experience in roles at blue chip companies such as Coca-Cola, P&G and Interbrand and focuses on accelerating high performance for her coaching clients.

She is also a very well practiced Boardroom provocateur – an incisive, opinionated facilitator who has helped fractious teams coalesce and focus their collective thinking.

David is a co-founder of The Caffeine Partnership. He is a provocateur, Expect challenging and effective coaching that is in your best interests. David’s whole raison d’etre is to be a “vicious friend” (in the words of one of his clients) – your fiercest critic and strongest ally. For those leaders who want straight talking, an acute ear to listen to their issues and a creative brain to open up options for action, he is just right.

David has coached some very demanding personalities – the European Chairman of a major automotive company, the Chief of Staff of a global manufacturing organisation, three members of the board of the fastest growing global player in the fashion industry, the CEO of a global communications agency and the head of sponsor partnership at a Formula 1 racing firm. These clients inhabit a warp speed world and want someone with an opinion based on experience to help them make the decisions and take the actions which will serve them best in their role, their company and, often, in their life.

Experienced Leadership Coach with an insightful, strategic and results-focussed approach.

With over 10 years coaching experience Jane’s approach is based on rigour, clarity and focus to help reframe perspectives, turn challenges into opportunities and unlock new insights (those ‘aha moments’) that accelerate progress towards goals and underpin sustainable change.

Her coaching creatively explores new ways to move forward by building on achievements, strengths and talents with an agile blend of support, challenge and direct feedback. Leading to a plan for action and implementation, which inspires and drives for further effectiveness and resilience in leading at speed,

With particular expertise in business EQ; strengthening relationships; building trust and communications styles; and cultural engagement around goals, values and aspirations, Jane has coached leaders/directors in FTSE 100s, retail, charities and global communications/agency networks, frequently for new roles or around organisational change. Her qualification in Executive Coaching is from The School of Coaching (2005), and she is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. In addition she is a facilitator of the EBW Assessment of business EQ (Emotions & Behaviours at Work)

Prior to coaching she was a strategic planner at top London Advertising Agencies; including 16 years as Strategy Director at board level. Her major clients included blue chip companies and brands such as Unilever, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson and British Gas as well as Government Departments.

Coaching feedback endorses Jane as an astute and stimulating coach, who quickly builds strong coaching relationships, and demonstrates total commitment and tenacity in enabling people to attain their goals and succeed in the step change they want to see.

DEBORAH has an extraordinary portfolio of skills. She is very experienced at working with CEOs and leaders on high intensity issues and has worked in personal development for over 25 years as a coach and facilitator within the corporate environment. She has an ACC Diploma (Associated Certified Coach) and is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

She holds a EBW (Emotional Behaviours at Work) accreditation looking at EQ. A successful career in acting and TV presenting adds a unique dimension to her coaching expertise and means she brings a wealth of techniques from her past when dealing with confidence, gravitas, voice presentation and impact.

She works with Caffeine on clients such as CBRE, BNP Paribas, Barclays Bank and Nissan. She is an outstanding coach and has coached several of the Caffeine leadership team – she is the coach’s coach.

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